Health and Safety
Doug Phillips ethos is that all work-related accidents are preventable. Our Management systems are constantly evolving to achieve a workplace that is 100% safe for all employees. Doug Phillips recognises that this is realised through the active participation of both management and employees.

We have a robust Health and Safety system which encompasses all employees and our supply chain. Our Health and Safety department is fully supported and is constantly reviewed by the company directors.

Doug Phillips carry out monthly reviews of annual targets and ensure that all relevant training is in place. We constantly review new methods and lines of consultation between directors and all employees/ supply chain.

Our Aims

• To constantly evolve our methods to ensure Health and Safety
  in the workplace.

• To regularly brief all employees/ supply chain our commitment
  to Health and Safety.

• To comply with all legal duties and current legislation and to
  simply relate this to the workplace.

• To plan our work and day to day activities to ensure that we provide a
  safe working environment using tested equipment and controlled methods.

• To constantly measure and review our performance and to integrate
  new ideas and procedures.

• To ensure an open dialogue with Directors to discuss ideas/ improvements
  from suppliers and employees.